Sunday, July 24, 2011

farewell party

Like what I've told you before, we have a farewell party last Thursday. It was fun, and I really appreciate you, people who came.

Thanks for coming. Love You ;D

Well, practically, it's just a small party. Nothing to do with I'm going to Indonesia or whaat, it's just a goodbye party, since everyone gonna take their own path, to further their studies. (mianhae for a very bad english)

My house fulled of people around 8.30pm. Hehe. And we had such a great time :) Some of them got Sabah, Perlis, Terengganu and also KL. yeah, so lucky to get KL which is UM ;D feel happy right ? ;D

Kim Yana, my bff will go to UMT. Shin Ryu will go to UM. My friends from high school until matriculation which is Azzahra got UniMaP. Wani got UMS. it's time to leave, and separate. :( So, yeah, have to accept it ;O

this is it ;D
pre-lawrian ;D
pre-lawrian no 2
this is totally, PRE-LAWRIANS. My BFFs , study in the same Uni, unfair! ;P
with shin yi's sisters ;D
thanks for coming people ;D
Going to miss you ;')
the one besides shin yi is Filza. Study in Mesir ;D
whose kid is that?? that's kim yana's nephew ;D named, Bain
azzah(left) , hazirah and wani
me with shin yi (left), kim yana and fiz

I hope we will meet again someday and do this kind of party again. Oh wait, during this party, my parents and siblings were not around. They let me used our house. I mean, my parents. My bro went to a football match while my little bro went to Perlis, as Selangor representative for some sport event there. HAHA.

again, thanks everyone. i love you, with all my heart. may Allah bless us ;D



p/s; just got back from watching Senario : Ops Pocot. LOL , funny. I give 9/10


kimyana said...

i'll miss this moment.bila lagi boleh jumpa lagi>after 10 years>ngeh3..nanti semua org pegang anak masing2.hehe:)

han eba said...

melampau gila, semua orang pegang anak, sampai sepuluh tahun bagai. melampau ;P

nurul norman said...

yana sorg je yg pgg anak. hahahahah =p =DD
sjk bile hazirah jd kakak kte ? hahahahha =DD

babbaaaaaaaai semuaaa =DD
may Allah bless us, may we always under Allah's protection and don't give up ! ^.^
remember, Allah always by our side, insyaAllah, amiinn =)

han eba said...