Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the final teaser and why so cute?

Sorry for the late updates. Busy lately. Aiceeh. I don't feel like I want to update, hehe. A lot of things to update, so update soon. hehe, oh, well, I don't like it, I mean, some of the photo teasers. WEIRD. I don't like Siwon's photo because he looks weird in that kind of outfit, it's too much for me as a girl. Teuk's one because I think he's too sexy too. And Ryeowook's one is acceptable until the colorful things *don't know it's name* appear straight after his pants. LOL. so enjoy.

and this is Ji Sung, he's cute with that hair ;D well, shin ryu likes him ;) hehe



p/s: I've to cut Siwon's pic. Sorry. just now, my new friends saw Biego (actor, Puteri) then suddenly one of them mentioned his name as BENJO. LOL


nurul norman said...

suju become the AGOGO ~! hhahahahah

han eba said...