Friday, July 29, 2011

overexcited to the max

over excited to the max because, he replied my message on his official website. gyaaaaa.

click for the enlargement ;D haha
who is he?

he is coffee boy . never heard his name? of course! he's an indie artist . INDEPENDENT!

credit: his twitter

well, I've listened to his songs, and I really like it. Only people who have same taste like me, will like his songs. So sweet, soothing and so calm :) I love him. I love him more now since he replied my message :) HAHA. He composed his own song, awesome.

I'm going to drink coffee from now on~ too many caffeine. HAHA---- Han

Thanks for your reply coffee boy, I'll always support you ;D for more information, you can log on to his website and his twitter

have a try, listen to him with all your heart ;D

oh, I'm waiting for Suju's teaser, they told me that the teaser will come out at 11pm, but now? haiya.

siwon ah, I am so sorry :( I hate your teaser for real


p/s: postcard from New Zealand. thanks yaya ;D hehe. KAK yaya patutnya ;P hehe. I love it.

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