Thursday, July 21, 2011

The return of Super Junior,are you ready?

'we're on top of the top!'

that 's what Heechul sing during SM Town Live in Paris, this year. He rap in Don't Don song. ROCKs!

Super Junior, the most popular idol group in Asia, even we can consider them as world's idol group , will do their comeback, this August. 03.08.11. I know, ELFs are so excited right? Me too. HAHA. I heard that, they have different colors of hair, oh really? Got some photo teaser. Check this out.





So colorful? Hmm, some rumor said that their album title is Gotcha Numba. Like that la. I don't even know if it's true or not. I just hope, ELFs and all KPoppers will support them. Even maybe it's not complete, not 13, but Super Junior will always be 13 because they're forever 13! F O R E V E R !

Don't deny,they're the best, always the best.

The return of Super Junior,are you ready?

I just hope Kang In will be in this album, but I know it is impossible. Is it true Kibum will join this one? Not so sure also.

Super Junior, saranghae. Himnaeyo. We're one, SUJU+ELF= LOVE! Hwaiting!



UPDATE: Kyuhyun and Siwon 's teasers are not official

p/s: got partaaaaay tonight! and this,credits to pikakitty


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