Thursday, July 28, 2011

something that you don't have at first, but you have at the end

When I got an offer letter from matriculation last time, I didn't expect anything, I didn't expect anything, I accept it, with half of my heart. Not all.

I am not a Life Science student from the beginning, but because of my parents, I've changed my course, and HIP5 is my destiny. This class, at first, consist a lot of people, but at the end, only 13 of us left. Why? Because, some of them got sponsored to further their studies in other college, some of them got offer from other University and so on.

H1p5 consists of people which have different characteristics, of course! Let me introduce to you, my classmates.

front from left; aini, iqbal, mael, faiz, faresya
behind from left; keh ying, syarifah, shafiqah, me, shafa, miela, su

not in: dayana

I've been with them for 10 months. Even though some of us were quite awkward with each other, but we know, we love each other. Even though we always fight with each other, talking about Donghae, or other lecturers, angry with this guy and this girl, hate what I do and what you do, we're still, H1P5.

You people, still fresh in my mind. Some of you might think, I'm a liar, but the truth is, I will always remember you. I hope, all of us will live happily and be such a success person. I still remember we walked in a group, went to tutorials even though sometimes, some people were missing, we still care about them , called them, asked them to come, and tried to talk to them. We didn't show it, but you can feel it.

Yesterday, I saw a very familiar scenes. A very, similar scenes.

'Taking picture, hug each other, talked about their next plan, about meeting each other, about having a date together, I still remember those memories when I saw the same,super exactly scenes, yesterday.'

I still remember those moments, and I will keep it as my memories. I'll always love you guys.

Mael: Good luck monitor, be a good student there . no more donghae's back up dancer and orang gaji.

Iqbal: Good luck, all the best. Stop usha aweks, got no point la ;P

Faiz: At least, talk to other people, and your words, sometimes hurt me and some people. Good luck, do your best.

Keh Ying: Don't always late for class, please do your best :) I know you can do it, and stop complaining like this "I cannot do," "die la" and all.

Aini: My daughter, be a good student. even though you didn't manage to get that course, never mind. Just do your best, I'll miss our moments. Mom-daughter moments :)

Syarifah: Oh girl, I miss you, and teddy ;P be a good girl ^^ good luck, smart girl!

Faresya: Don't let those thing happen again, I hope you know what I mean :) Good luck

Shafiqah: Good luck, and do your best. You can do it, don't be messy.

Su: A good and talented girl,all the best, that's the only word I can say to you. Good luck :)

Miela: You,I miss you. Crazy and so talkative. Good luck okay :)

Shafa: Be strong .You're the best person, one of the best person, I ever met, because of you, I've changed :)

Dayana: No matter what happen, classes are important. Come to class, and do your best smart girl!

I know, they will never read this, I know. But maybe got someone will pass this to them, maybe, one day :D

I miss you, Miss Suganthi :) hehe

everyone, good luck :)



p/s: the colorful memories are beautiful, I don't wanna ever let you go.

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