Sunday, August 7, 2011

Donghae, will always remember this date

Why I said so? Why he have to remember? Is it his birthday? My birthday? No, it's not.

He will always remember this date. Because, on this date, 5 years ago, his idol, the one he loves the most leave him, forever.

August 8 - 5 years ago, Donghae's father passed away.-via @donghaebiased

As usual, when we talk about his dad, Donghae will cry. of course, everyone will cry right? He always sent some message to his dad like this;

"Thank you for giving me a healthy body. I wish I could be beside you. I miss you so much ~" -Donghae's msg to his father on Showbiz Extra. --- via @donghaebiased

Donghae oppa, no matter what, I'm sure your dad will always proud to have a son like you. You always love him and remember him. May God bless him always. May God be with him.

He is very sensitive when it comes to his dad story. He will cry, cry and cry. Be strong oppa.



p/s: Oppa, one day I'll leave you too, but you got a lot of people who loves you just like how I love you, so I know, you will never cry. Oppa, keep on fighting. Saranghae.

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