Thursday, August 25, 2011

I want to do many things, before I go

As I'm going to leave this lovely country to do my super plan, so I actually have a lot of things,that I wanna do but maybe, it's not going to happen due to the lack of time.

Let me reveal it here; (even my parents don't know about this,LOL)

I want to meet my best friends.

I want to transfer all Korean shows to my hard disk once I own one.

I want to take Polaroid picture with my family.

I wanna go shopping and buy my baju raya and if I have extra money, I wanna buy a new shoe.

I wanna change my blog's URL.

I wanna meet my college friends.

I wanna collect a lot of kad raya, but sadly, I just received one from my teacher.

I wanna meet my lecturers especially ms. suganthi and sir shehdi (matric)

I wanna ride a roller coaster at Times Square for the second time.

I wanna do facial and buy skin care products.

I wanna learn more about how to wear style hijab

I wanna buy SJ's new album, a must Donghae as cover but I don't have money since we need a lot of money right now, for raya and also my studies.

I wanna buy Andrea's novel, Edensor and Maryamah Karpov, but like what I said, money is my enemy right now.

I'll try my best to fulfill this list, but you know, sometimes, what we want, is the hardest one to get. sadly, reality! But it's okay, I never lose myself, everyday!

I'll try again and back again! and smile again :)



p/s: a must listen, Try again, smile again by CN Blue. and this one, is my favorite song ;D