Saturday, August 13, 2011

Malaysia sekali lagi kehilangan seorang gadis hensem, today

exactly, today. Malaysia, I know, you feel bad, but I have to. Don't have to cry, I'll be back ~ *2pm mood*

I know, handsome girl like me, always the best in making people happy and sad, making people angry and then laugh, but I need to leave you, for a while.

Just keep in touch with me through twitter.

Why? The only device that can help me to interact with you is my phone (no wi-fi) . and since I don't have a laptop, so I only can tweet from my phone. I subscribed twitter :D

if one day, Malaysia really have to let me go (doing my super plan in Indonesia) which means I only come back for holiday, it means;

Malaysia just lose one of the most handsome girl in the world and just lose, the most annoying girl in Malaysia . HAHA. *FACEPALM*

Well, I'm leaving today. Bye bye Malaysia. I'll be back soon, just wait. I'll update everything through twitter baby :D

How I'm going to live there in this holy month? haish. oh, hopelfully, the same lengchai will sit next to me, HAHA.

Han, please control, RAMADHAN!



p/s: congrats, you guys really jjang. WON MUBANK! congrats my dear husband and boyfriends. ;D


Ramiza said...

bye eba!! hope that you'll have fun there :) am missing you already :(

kimyana said...

eba!!sorry x dpt nak teman ko ke airport.aku nak teman tp x sempat..huhu/anyway,hidup baik2 di sana n semoga pergi dan pulang dengan selamat :))

han eba said...

ramiza: heyyy, I miss you too

yana: ah kau, kau memang suka abandon aku =/= kau je tak sedar