Monday, August 1, 2011

simply hot, Mr. Simple

OMG, did you watch Super Junior Mr. Simple teaser? I'm sure, you'll scream like a crazy man. Me too, I did that when I saw Hae around 0:24 . he's too hot in that teaser. I really can't wait for the 2nd teaser and the MV and then the comeback. I can DIE. OMONAA. Take this.

So how, so hot right? Gonna update soon, when their 2nd teaser is out. really can't wait. Why he's too hot. WHY?

UPDATE: SME just uploaded the second video. Wohoooo. Take a look, he's hot. But, a bit scary.

and he's hot ;O

UPDATEEE! song released! I like your part " Hey, I'm Mr. Simple" ENGRISH? yeah, so cute!



p/s: I can see something that related to Illuminati in this teaser. I don't know whether it's true or not. no offense

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