Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Super Junior Mr. Simple tracklist and review

I've listened to their songs. I love it. Even Mr. Simple is not really my type, I mean , I don't really like it, but others are awesome,seriously. I like Hae's line in Mr Simple "HEY, I'M MR SIMPLE!" cute engrish~ LOL

Firstly, take a look at this list of tracks.

Mr. Simple
about people living nowadays and working without any rest and losing dreams, love, and feelings of contentment.

Good Friends
talk about Super Junior meeting for the first time and also their friendship.



pop-dance song which features lyrics about Super Junior and their always having a positive mind in front of hardships

Y (hubby wrote this)
missing a lover after breaking up

Silly Thought (remake of JINU 1996)
protagonist wishes for a white Christmas in summer.

My Love, My Kiss, My Heart


Feels Good

Be My Girl




I like Good Friends, Y (of course, he wrote for me okay, lol, breaking up) , My Love,My Kiss, My Heart, Memories, Haebaragi [ (HAE + EBA----my name) hahaha] , Walkin and also Storm~ Most of the songs in this album,UPBEAT!

The Haebaragi (sunflower) song, ehem, I emphasize it here, it sounds like this "eba lagi, eba lagi" . I know, Hae like this line, HAHA. LOL. My imagination is beyond boundaries. HAHAHAAH.

please wait for the mv and the comeback. I really hope , I can see them. Oh~ And, please support them!



p/s: by listening to the legal sites, the songs will be counted in the charts,so we can help them win some awards. please. if you want to buy the 5th jib, please order from SJ World, or some other legal seller. If we buy from them, the album will be counted in Hanteo Chart. Thanks.

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