Thursday, August 4, 2011

who's in town?

tell me, who's in town? tell me, tell me, te te te te tell me *wondergirls tiba tiba*

IT'S SUPER JUNIOR I CAN'T STOP FANGIRL - ING ! DONGHAE IS SO HOT. CANNOT DENY. AND DON'T DENY PEOPLE! *excited to the max* why got this kind of creature (Hae) in this world? WHY?

I've been waiting since 10 am just to see their MV. and around 1.45pm they released their MV. I was so mad and keep on tweeting and luckily some people are busy updating the press conference thing, so I managed to see some PC pictures. I am so in love AGAIN with Donghae. If before this, he failed to make me love him in Perfection MV, BUT NAAAAAAAAAAO, HE IS SO HOT. SO HOT. FREAKING HOT. I am so looking forward for the comeback stage.

but sadly, like what I've told you before, in that video got some Illuminati signs. I feel bad. the line "bwara Mr. Simple" and that time also, they closed their one eye. I feel like Mr. Simple is the satan? can it be? I will never practice that choreo. NEVER.

Dear Allah,

Please save Kpop from those people. I mean, bad people who wants to kill us slowly with their signs and their way of thinking. They're controlling us through media, and I'm afraid. I love Kpop so much, so please save us. Please. Please save our idols. Bad people used them, they don't even know. Please, jebal~


Seriously, Donghae is so hot. Did he lost his weight? He looks thinner. Haih. You should eat more, healthy food. Don't be like me, okay ;D For me, the TAE TAE TAE TAE part is awesome. I like it, he's hot in that casual outfit.

thanks for the comeback, oppas. people, let's help our idols, let's spread our love. we love you, Super Junior. No matter what, we gonna stay by your side. We'll wait for you Teuk and Heenim, patiently. Just finish your army and comeback with new and fresh spirit. One more thing, really can't wait for the world tour. must be so good and daebak.

Take this and feel Donghae's hotness. SO HOT BABY

I'll update the Haebaragi lyric soon, just wait. So proud, "eba lagi eba lagi" HAHA.



p/s: the one who shouted "hey, I'm Mr. Simple is not Hae but Teuk" Sorry~

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