Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm okay, don't worry.

*hari terakhir bermurung*

Last few days, I'm not okay. I can't even control my emotion. Even Mr. KZ who tried to ask me a lot of question also failed. I am sorry, I've scolded you and ask you to shut up. I know, you feel weird too, but this is what happen when I keep on controlling my emotion, just because I hate to scold other people that make me angry. I'm weird, weird, weird and handsome *hehe* I mean, I am weird, and I am lonely but I used to it since my feeling is mine, and I don't have to share it, especially the sad one. -.- *that's how I live*

To Shin yi too, I'm sorry for not telling you the reason. Mianhaeyo.

It's been a tiring week, I don't even have a break. I mean, from last Tuesday until now, yes, now, I have a lot of work to do, have to attend this and that events.So tired. but it's not the reason, it is not.

So, to show you that I'm okay, this is it.

Tomorrow, have to go to Madang . Luckily, got some Indonesian friends who have their own car want to bring me there, if not I have to go there by ojek. I miss Super Junior a lot. I can't watch their live performance and that's hurt me. Oh my. How I wish, someone will come to me and give me. Well, got someone in love, HAHAHAHA. LOL, hope she's not going to read this.

I feel weird when I blog in English, but it's okay. I want to buy a lot of Korean drama here, and bring it to Malaysia. Here so cheap, hehehehe.

Hopefully, everything will be okay and I can finish my assignments soon. I miss you Lengchai. *LOL*



p/s: test is coming soon and I like my Indonesian friends.

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