Thursday, September 15, 2011

sometimes, I hope he's here

I wanna talk to him, asking funny questions and ask him to make me laugh for whole day but I know, that's impossible.

People like me,- not attractive and funny enuff- always feel lonely but I don't need those boyfriends or scandals, I just need him. Even though I keep on saying that he's my husband *oh my God* but for the real me, he's someone that can make me smile and smile and smile, and of course, person that can make my heart feel warm. I know, he don't even know me, don't even care about me, because I'm just his fan and he's a big star, of course la.

Maybe, because he looks like a kid. Kids are adorable. I feel happy when I manage to talk to them. Recently, I've been busy, class starts already, a lot of assignments so I failed to see Maureen * a cute little kid who stayed here* and her brother. I always hope, I can talk to a lot of kids, because they're so cute, and he's included of course even though he's old enough to-be-called-as KID.

life isn't easy, it's hard. so, make it simple. I'm trying to make it simple by cut off those people who loves to talk behind others' back. I don't like to judge people based on my first impression, because I can just know the person's true color, if I want. But it's not going to be an adventure journey if you know the real them too fast isn't?. Don't give me first impression, I want the last one. Because, that's you, the real one.

If he's here, I want to tell him what's inside my heart. How I wish, he's here and sitting next to me, telling me " I'm always here, for you" and I know, the only one who's always besides me is Allah. Stressful week has started, I need to fight, and must win.



p/S: Lengchai, how are you? -.- people, I got a friend from Belitong! OMG

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