Tuesday, September 20, 2011

super junior besar punya!

ehem, assalamualaikum dan an nyeong haseyo ♥

well, it's Tuesday and my mood is very very very good. Today, we went to Madang. We have our skill lab at Madang campus. So, yeah, I'm so happy. Why? Because our Indonesian friends willing to send me and my Malaysian friends there. We went together. They drove us. Overall, 3 people with different car come to fetch us and I'm so grateful. They're still young , but they drive their own car -.- I'm older than them, so, yeah, I don't even have any license, but these people can drive professionally, so it's kinda awesome baby!

well, I just got back from Palembang Indah Mall. As what I've mentioned before, ehem, here got a lot of Kpop magazines compare to Malaysia. Everywhere got Asian magazine, I feel so so so happy yet worry and confused since I have to choose which one to buy and it's expensive compare to Malaysian magazine. But guess what, I found this while I was wondering in PIM just now and this thing really made my day!

So big right? Well, this magazine is poster version. Now, I have 10 Super Junior's member big poster. Wow. It's of course, Mr. Simple version. Yeay. I have every single member poster! And not only that, I got stickers! Wohooo. And this is totally awesome. I wish Malaysia will do this.

For real, today is a good day. And I still didn't complete my journal. And I hope I can finish it now. Now baby now~ LOL. By the way, I already listen to Super Junior's new song. I don't like the main song but I like Andante and also A day. Well, Donghae is the first singer in these two songs, of course I am so happy and happy.

Lol, too much for now. I wanna complete my journal by today so tomorrow I can start doing conclusion on another journal. A lot of journal to read. hehehehe.

To Intan, Marini and also Dhilah, thanks numpangkan aku :)



p/s; hari ini ada orang cakap lepas dekat aku, aku memang gemuk sebab aku complaint pasal muka aku dah makin chubby, tapi pelik, aku tak rasa apa apa pun sebab tu kan hakikat. sekian


fhmk-- said...

just changed your link in my site :) how's indonesia? good luck there!

han eba said...

thanks :) indonesia is okay :) Im fine with it . thanks