Thursday, September 22, 2011

you made me smile

Just now, I stalked Lengchai's Facebook.

And I saw his conversation with his new friend.

And, I smiled like a crazy person.


Because the conversation is in Kelantanese slang. (he's not Kelantanese)

How I wish, I can have at least one more conversation with him.

I think, he's cute in that way, and he is always cute.

I'm not feeling well today, because of what happen last evening, you can refer to my last post.

But I smile widely just now, because of him.

I really hope, he will keep on updating his FB status, because I can only know about him, through his FB.

I sounds crazy. zzzzzzzzz.

sadly, he don't even know me, and what I'm doing now.

Meet me after I finish my studies bro.



p/s: How I wish he still remember me .


ashie023 said...

hi han :)
how's Indonesia???
study well k..

unnie ske lagu br ni Suju feat fx -opps...dan lagu walkin...

sapo dio kecek klate???hehee

han eba said...

ok je kat sini :)

ada laaa ;D