Saturday, October 15, 2011


You are always someone to me.You've changed me.You taught me about life, a lot.And I'm happy to see you.Thanks for being one of Super Junior member since 2005.Thanks for being someone that inspired me.Please keep on going, for me, for SJ and for ELF.

and of course for your late father.

You're not his small kid anymore, you've grown handsomely and of course,manly.

Happy 26th birthday Lee Donghae.

May God bless you , always. Always do the best for your family, SUJU and fans. May you succeed in your life.You're always my bias.

And one more thing, please find a girlfriend and declare your relationship. After that, marry her. HAHA. but please do all this after 2016. Let me study first. Because it will distract me then. I just want to see your cute children. Hahhaha. Must be cute and handsome like you, right?

Lee Donghae, our fishy, I love you and take care ♥



p/s: in Korea, he's older 1 year. actually, for this year, he is 25 but in Korea, he is 26 years old.

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