Monday, October 10, 2011

FT Island Like The Birds MV released

Yeay, hip hip hooray. I am so happy and excited to the max.

This mv is so beautiful and so cool. FT Island is the best band for me followed by CN Blue. I only want them, HAHA.

And my Jonghun, like always, looks so cool with his guitar, omomomomo.Jaejin is so cute. Man! I am so crazy over this mv. My fangirl-ing mode is activated, even now.

Actually, I'm having a test tomorrow, and I can't concentrate and focus as I keep on hitting the play button, like crazy. Because the mv is too good. Even though there is no dancing dancing, but I feel happy. I just found my happiness for today, thanks Allah. ♥

I'm going to continue my revision, and continue fan girling next time, after I finish my test, wohoo.

Wish me luck ;D



p/s: Why Jonghun is so hot? I wanna marry him. Hae, I'm sorry *temporarily*

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