Sunday, October 9, 2011

he is always there

Well, I don't know why, but every time, when I feel sad, or maybe stressed, or maybe bored and lazy, he always update his twitter, he always do that.

I feel happy when I see his tweet, he is really someone to me. As I said before, I'm not that type of person who easily tell my problems to anyone, so I keep it in my heart, but every thing seems okay once I see his face or tweets.

I am always his fan, forever. I want him to be someone that can cheer me up with his tweet. I'm sure he doesn't know me, but it's okay because I feel like he is always there. He is like someone, who cheer for me, from behind, but he never show up. Maybe one day, I'll manage to see him. Who knows...

Donghae, thanks a lot. I am lazy to study just now, but not now, after I saw your picture. How perfect my day is, thanks :)



p/s: sometimes he failed to be by my side, but it's okay, because most of the time, he managed to :)

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