Saturday, October 1, 2011

hey sexy october,

Kidding, don't take it seriously. Time flies, and I'm here. Now.

I still can't believe, that I'm a medical student. I still can't believe it. And sometimes, I feel like I'm in Malaysia, not until I go shopping. Why? Because, some drinks and foods are expensive. Blackberry? Haiya, if you come here, and you bring your BB together, it's totally like nothing dude. In my class, 99% are BB users. I'm not lying. It's true, FACT not FICTION.

Hey October,

Hope this month will be a very good month for me and my friends. Hope I can study and do well. I am so lazy right now and test is totally around the corner. Block 3 is going to start soon, and I'm not ready yet I think? oh man. Please let me do my best. Please be nice to me October. Hope, everything gonna be fine.

I am handsome like always. I like Mr. Lengchai. He's so cute with his new picture. Hahahaha, I'm the best stalker ever!

How I wish I can drink ice lemon tea right now. zzzz



p/s: hope everything gonna be okay to all my friends, even we're far apart, I still care about you ^^happy October everiwan

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