Wednesday, October 5, 2011

we should respect other countries

I am so dissapointed with some people who don't even know how to respect other people's country. even though we are from different country, but we live under the same sky, we live on the same earth, so why should we bash each other just because of a small problem?

some people just don't know about manners. they think they're the best and always the best. They don't even know the reality sometimes. If you keep on bashing other people's country, what do you think other people will think about you and your country?

I just don't like the way some people expressed their anger towards other country. They used bad and inappropriate words just because they want to comment about something. And sometimes, just because someone criticize about something, other people will suddenly talk bad about that person's country. Why must country? Sometimes, they talk about religion too. Please, don't talk about sensitive issues without thinking. It might hurt other people's pride.

If you think you're good enough, don't simply judge and criticize someone just because you can't accept her/his opinion. Don't hate other people. don't hate their country, try to respect them and their opinion. by bashing their country, it is just a waste. if your country and my country is having a really big crisis, then just accept it. we should see someone based on their attitude and not their country.

stupidity, this is what you can see in yourself when you keep on bashing other people just because you don't like their country. we should respect other people, respect their country.don't judge something based on your view only. please throw away those feelings. For me, if I can respect your country, why don't you respect mine too? If she can respect your country, why don't you respect her country too?

shut up if you don't like my post, just shut up. Don't be too racist, because I don't like it.

Why did I post this? Because I just saw some oh-so-we-called-comments-war in Youtube. Some people are too much. They can't even accept other people's opinions.



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