Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hana Yori Dango, Heartstrings and City Hunter

hello, well it's been a while I didn't update my blog due to some problems , LOL. okay, for this post, I'm going to review about dramas, like always. so let's reviewwww.

Hana Yori Dango

This is a Japanese drama. Just like Boys Over Flowers, this drama is adapted from manga. For me, this drama is so good. But, I didn't continue this drama with season two since I don't have it. Well, this drama is about love, obviously. It's about Domyouji , a rich and snobbish guy who fell in love with a very poor but yet strong and brave girl, Tsukushi. Well, this drama is very popular plus they have a lot of flower boys. HAHAHA. I like Hanazawa Rui the most. Well, he is every girls' dream guy right? Well, if you are Boys Over Flowers' fan, you should try to watch it. Don't compare okay? The story is just the same, they only changed here and there a little. :) Starring Matsumoto Jun, Shun Oguri. Have fun!


Well, this is a very sweet drama. I think, teenagers should watch this. Fresh teenage love. I like almost every scenes in this drama. The way how Shin met Gyuwon. The way how they fall in love. Everything. Even though this drama is not really really popular. Well Yonghwa did a good job. Park Shin Hye too. Since everyone wants Shinwoo to be with Minyeo/Minam in the drama You're Beautiful, now you can have them as couple in this drama . Well, music is one of the element that you can see in this drama as both of the main characters love music so much. They are musicians. And what I like about this drama, I can see a very cute CN Blue drummer. HAHAHAA. Minhyuk is very cute in this drama. Why I no fall for him before? Well, I only fall for him in this drama because he is totally totally cute. Oh man! And you can see Wonbin, ex-member of FTI. So, people, try to watch this drama and I bet you'll like it :) Starring, Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa.

City Hunter.

This drama is one of the best drama I've watched this year. NO LIES. this drama is about a City Hunter who help people while he, himself wanted to revenge for his dad's death. And I like this drama because there's a lot of fight scene plus, you know what, it shows the true color of political people. You will realize, it's almost the same. This drama also taught me how brilliant they are in making secret plans and all. Wow. Even though this drama is very tragic and sad, but I like it. BUT, this drama still got problem, even though for me, this is one of the best drama I've watched this year. Why? Because the ending is so weird and simple. It's just like that. Actually they should make it more clearer. But, other than the ending, I think this drama is a very good drama. Please watch. And to Lee Minho's fans, watch it! Please. HAHA. even though I am not his fan, I have to say that he is a good actor and he's so cool in this drama. And to those who love Park Min Young, then you have to watch that beautiful actress acting. Okay! Starring, Lee Minho and Park Min Young. Have fun!




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