Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lie To Me

hello everyone. so, I'm going to review about this drama. Well, actually I've been watching this drama from last month I think, but I don't know why this DVD become so gay towards my lappy, so I cannot play it. But now, alhamdulillah, I can watch it.

Lie, this is the starting point of this drama. Everything started with a lie. A lie about marrying a rich guy. If you're Yoon Eun Hye's lover, of course you have to watch this drama. You know what, starting from Princess Hours, I've been wondering, why she is such a beautiful girl even she don't really have a beautiful teeth? She has such a normal teeth. I'm impressed. Well, back to this drama, I think this drama have some similarity with some drama which the main lead actor was in relationship with another girl before but that girl left him. And a girl, who's not rich and come from ordinary family. Overall, this drama is such a cute drama. Some parts are totally cute.

Not only that, the main actor, Kang Ji Hwan, looks very cool in this drama, even though he's old enough. LOL. and I like his role, a very gentleman guy . HAHA. but still cute. But for me, I like Park Hoon more (main actor's secretary) because he is so so so super duper tripler cute weyyh. His real name is... ah, forgot but he's cuteee. Totally! I've fallen for yoouuuuu ♥

Well, what happen when someone tell lies? Find out!

overall, you have to watch this drama, okaay ;D



p/s: suggest me new dramas pleasee

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