Monday, December 19, 2011

smiling behind the clouds.

everything seems hard for me lately. I mean, everything.

I'm always unlucky, that's my problem but still I feel grateful when good things happen.

Why, when someone become closer to me, he/she will have a bad luck too? It's like, without me, they are quite lucky or sometimes so lucky. Well, about being unlucky, I have already know that since I was small, so no big deal. And when bad things happen, I'm used to it, but sometimes I do feel sad.

I feel bad sometimes. But, I can't cry in front of them, what can I do is keep everything in my heart. I do feel guilty towards some people that have to go through unlucky things with me. But only through this, I can know whether our friendship are fake or not.

From now on, I'll never be closer to anyone else. Because, I'll make their life hard.

But I know, why Allah did this to me. He wanted to test me. Maybe he's smiling behind the clouds whenever I manage to go through all hardships that he gave me.

I'll do my best, I'll make sure I can go through all these hardships. I know, Allah is always there for me, so do family and my best friends.

But, I don't like when my own best friend misunderstood me. I hate misunderstandings. Thanks.

'Baby don't cry, it's alright now' - Super Junior's Snow White (Japanese)



p/s: I pay you a lot to do this work and you still can ask me to do it by myself? Hey, upgrade your system or I'm gonna complain about your retarded system. Living here make me feels that I can buy everything, including people. Wow.

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