Tuesday, December 13, 2011

surat cinta saya ♥ LOL

Dear Donghae oppa,

How are you? I am fine thank you ♥ I know you miss me, I miss you too. Since I'm going to marry you soon, so I'm kinda nervous. How about you? Thanks for designing my wedding gown. Can't wait to see. Ring that you sent, I received already, don't worry. I already prepare your baju melayu, I really can't wait to see you in it. Well, how's Korea? I've heard about your concert in Japan. Congratulations. Can't wait to see you and others. ♥ Well, how's everyone? I know all of them miss me,HAHA. Er, I heard Kyu oppa wants to perform during our wedding. This is so cool. Hehehe.

Lately, I've been thinking about you a lot. Seriously. I saw your tweet, but why you have to take that kind of cute picture with Sulli? Amber too. LOL. It should be me, next time, okay? ♥ But you don't have to worry, you treat them like your sisters right? That's the reason I love youuu ♥ ♥ Oppa, I saw your old picture. So cute. You are so cute when you were small. cute kid, but now, still cute but more to handsome ;P Our future son will have that kind of face too right? HAHAHA

How's omonim? Hope she's fine. Did you call her always? oh some ELFs congrats me through twitter after you announce about our relationship and wedding. But still, some of them, errr, you know what I mean. So, everyone is asking, where I'm going to live after I become your wife? Errr, how? Do I have to follow you to Mokpo? Or Seoul? Hehehehe, everything's alright as long as you stay by my side ♥ Oppa, please don't always upload your handsome picture on Twitter. Everyone is falling for you. They just love you, do you know that? So next time, just mms me, okay ;p By the way, I've told about our relation to my friends but they don't believe me. So please come here and verify it, can?

Oh, your drama is out. I really can't wait for your drama. I know, you're a bad boy in that drama, but not in reality right? Okay, have to admit, a little ;P I heard from Hyukjae oppa that a lot of girls idol group member trying to get your number, is it true? Well, my hubby soon to be is the best, that's why..But you better don't give your number to them! If so, I'll call off our wedding. Break up with you! You think I'm afraid of losing you? NEVER. haha,.YOU'RE WRONG.

okay, I just want you to take care of your health and do well. Stay healthy and wealthy <<<< for our future kids and my jewelries *LOL LOL LOL * XP I ♥ You



Your wife to be.



p/s: This is crap. I do it not for real. I just want to write like this. All above are not true. I am just his fan. Forever fan.

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