Friday, January 27, 2012


"oh my dear gonna come back soon. so chikedis,LOL"

I, successfully finished my first semester of the first year as a medical student.


I'm going back to Malaysia tomorrow but I need to pack my luggage and make sure my room is clean.

Are you ready Malaysia?

By the way, I did shopped a lot today. I bought some Korean drama and also Taiwanese drama for myself so I can watch it during holidays.

I miss you Lengchai. And, why did you put that kind of picture as your cover photo? Please change! So inappropriate!

I need to rest for a while before I start to clean my room and pack my luggage.

See you soon, bffs and Ramiza (if you wanna meet me ;P )




Ramiza said...

yes! i want to meet you!! next week is my last week of holidays :( i'm going to start my 2nd sem soon.. hopefully i don't have to repeat the first.. so nervous! how was the exam??

hazye said...

see you soon ~ <3

han eba said...

ramiza: I tak mati masa exam. I hope tak repeat too :( HAHAA. so, gonna roger you soon ;D hahah

hazye: YEAH