Thursday, January 12, 2012


What should I do?

I just realize that, I really really like him. And I miss him.

If only you know my feeling towards you, how would you react?

We're so far from each other, and I thought, I won't like you this much,

but I do.

And to make you like me, is impossible. I know that.

I like you and I miss you.

Is there any chance for me to meet you again?




Ramiza said...

ooo... who you talking about??? donghae??

han eba said...

No la. You know who is he ;P

we usha him together :)

Ramiza said...

ooo.. i think i know.. usm??

han eba said...

hahaha ;) ehemmm

Ramiza said...

i say #@$% you say oppa! (name is censored to protect identity xp)

han eba said...

LOL LOL, I don't want to call him oppa. kekeke.