Sunday, February 12, 2012

#18 - Protect The Boss

hello. this is a review for Protect The Boss. Have you watch it? Well, if not you can read my review :D

Well, at first, I don't really have interest to watch this drama since no one mention about it. only some people mention about it, so I thought its no gonna make me happy when watch it. But, I saw the teaser. I mean, I think I saw the girl, kicked the boss. LOLS. even in the drama, I don't think I saw that scene (?) HAHAAHAH

okay, after I watched it, I find this drama as an interesting drama. Even though the girl is not a really popular actress, but she can act and she sometimes reminds me of Kim Jung Eun. Okay, basically this drama is a bout a girl named No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee), who is actually a gangster during her school days. Then after she graduated, it's hard for her to get a job because she's from a third rate university. So, one day she got a job as a PA for this one unknown guy named Cha Ji Heon (Ji Sung) . Actually they have met in one shameful incident which cause that guy's reputation become worst. At first, they didn't recognized each other, but once that guy trusted the girl to be his PA, he found out. But still, he wants that girl to be his PA. Why protect the boss? Because that girl is a gangster before, so she can protect her boss. The guy named Cha Ji Hun is a very funny guy for me. He is a chabeol but he has no interest in business. He is so childish because he is having a disease called oclophobia ( a fear of crowds) and also agoraphobia (a fear of having panic attack and also embarrassing one self ).

One thing I like about this drama is about friendship. I love how Eun Seol and her friend really loyal to each other. Not only that, I like how her friend makes her feel better when she's sad. I also like the fight scene between Ji Hun and his cousin Mu Won (Jaejoong) . It is so funny. Jaejoong is really funny. Seriously. I also like Ji Hun's dad because he is so funny. HAHAHA. Let me show you the funny fight scene(below)

Overall, I think this drama is a good drama. Not bad. I take it as an average one. Not the best one but also not the worst one. If you like comedy romantic drama, you can watch this drama. Only 16 episodes. I heard, this drama receive a lot of awards from SBS.

If you're Ji Sung and Jaejoong's fans, you should watch it ;D here, I clipped a video of my favorite song in this drama.

Thanks for reading my review ;D



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