Thursday, February 23, 2012


Time flies. Today I'm going back to Indonesia :) My holiday is not officially end, but . . . I have to go back ;B

Goodbye Malaysia. See you soon. Thanks for the memories my friends. Next time, make sure all of you can spend your time with me. To those people who I failed to meet, I'm sorry and lets meet again soon.

Goodbye Malaysia. Sayonara. Bye bye KBSW, super wide flat-screen tv , super fast WiFi and my room.

Gonna miss you.

hey sem 2, bring it on!!



p/s: Galaxy S2 is now mine. I call him as L ;D


Ramiza said...

aww.. too bad we couldn't hang out :( this semester is super duper busy!! die ah! good luck for the 2nd semester :) am wishing you all the best! eba fighting!

han eba said...

thanks ramiza. really miss you. hope we can meet really soon ;B next holiday okay ;D

nurul norman said...

dan bawak kte bersama . LOLS. hahahhaha =p

han eba said...

yeah, my friend is your friend kaaan ;B