Monday, February 27, 2012


hey readers. how are you? fine?

well today, I'm officially enter the second semester. Well, kinda happy even I am actually worried about my result since I heard a lot of rumors. I don't care. Just do it. Wakakaka. Well, I don't really have story to tell. I just wanted to write something in my blog. I just wanted to write what is inside my heart. Can you not bother if can? Or if feels annoyed with my post, please leave. Huh.

Dear classmates;

I feel happy to have all of you. Even we're not from the same country, but I still like all of you. You know what, I was shocked when I saw all of you are very different from what I imagined. I thought my classmates are people that really study hard and don't have time to have fun. But , I was wrong. Some of you are not even pay attention in class and make some chaos when lecturer is in front. I feel bad sometimes. But what can I do? You know what my dear classmates, it's not because I am snobbish that make me didn't shake hand with guys. You should understand me right? I just followed what I should do. It's not because I think I'm good enough that make me didn't go out with all of you. It's because I don't have confidence plus I am afraid that you can't really understand me. I am not racist, I never said things that hurt you right? I know some of you don't really like my country yet still trying to be friend with me, I appreciate that. I do. But some of you thought that it's hard to speak with us just because you thought we can't understand your language. Well, that's wrong.

My dear classmates, just because I wrote something asking for help, you thought that I am angry. I am not. Maybe my words making you feel like that, but I did apologized for the misunderstanding. But why, you are still like that? Some of you thought that I am very bad because of what I wrote. I am asking for help. Again, if you feel offended, I am sorry. Got someone said, I should be more closer to my classmates, I've tried but we really not match for each other. Some of you have your own group plus I am only a typical Malay girl who doesn't how to go have fun like how you people did. Plus, I am not from a rich family like all of you.

I come to study *and vacation, LOL* . I cannot make my family disappointed with me. They paid a lot. Seriously. So, I couldn't really have fun even if I want to. I am sorry. Classmates, hope you can really know and understand me. I am actually a funny person and I love to make friends. I know, my classmates really love to gossips. So, maybe some bad stories about me not shaking hand and bla bla bla have been spread all the way in our class. But what can I do? I have to behave because this is not my country. I am sorry again, classmates.

Maybe some of you feel that I am really a snobbish person. But still, some of you are really friendly towards me. I appreciate that :) I maybe can't really understand people's situation like all of you, so I forgive all of you. I just want to study peacefully without having a fight with all of you. I will treat you people goodly even you can't do that to me.

And to someone that is from Malaysia. We both girls, and Malays. It should be, I need you and you need me. But because this country is more familiar to you, you chose to be friend and make group with them. I'm ok with it. Because it's your choice. But, I heard that you told someone that you don't like me. You don't even know me but you say you hate me. Is it because everyone is more friendly with me? And about the misunderstanding, how come you gave me that kind of look, it's like you looking down on me. I know you have your own ego, everyone agree about that, but please, I never say anything or hating you. Can you just smile sincerely and not faking it? Smile from your heart. If you don't like me, just tell me. I'm older than you, you should give some respect. Even we're classmates, the respect must be there!

Maybe I am not good enough. I'm lacking in many ways. Sorry.

But do know me first, because what you see is not me. You can only see me, if you really want to, not force to.



p/s: crying while studying is awesome ;B


nurul norman said...

bestnye kalau kte samasama belajar kat tempat kau, bila dorg bwt mcm tu kat kau, kte boleh 'tembak' dorang balik. *if and only if* =']

seperti biasa; banyakkan bersabar, Allah bersama dengan orang-orang yang sabar =]

han eba said...

why you no here? LOL. its better for you not to come here, or you will stresseu. HAHAHAHA