Friday, March 9, 2012


Tak lawa tak apa, asal comel dan hensem selalu ;B

This is my 30th post! OMG OMG * excited*

firstly, alhamdulillah, even a lot of things happen lately, I'm still lucky. Ya Allah, thanks for everything you had given to me. You always want the best for your servant, seriously thanks. L, thanks for coming to my life. You're so useful. I can used you everywhere now. I can even read my notes by using you. Ya Allah, sesuatu banget!

Well, before I start to update about my recent activities, I would like to share this song, with all my readers. Well, I'm into K-Indie since last year and it was awesome. I started with Coffee Boy,I like him because he is talented plus he always replied my message on his website. And the most awesomeness thing is his manager added me on Facebook ♥ Am I the only Malaysian fan that he have? This song will motivate you, seriously! A good song for me too.

Okay, todays, okay, since it past 12 already, so yesterday, I went to buy my histology books. Alif accompanied me. Well, we went to a lot of bookstores, but we failed to find the books. Aghhh. I am so stressed. I really need those books. This semester is killing me. Totally. Luckily, got this one uncle, I think the owner of the bookstore that we went told us to call his bookstore a day after tomorrow. Maybe that time, the books are with him. Ahh, kamsahamnida ahjussshi. Neomu neomu kamsahamnida. After that, as planned, me and Alif went to drink J.Co 's beverage.

At the same time, my the other friend come and joined us :) Well, since all of us have smart phones, we focused more on the wifi that the cafe provided. LOL -.- not just to watch videos on youtube but at the same time, downloading our lecture notes. Still stress, even after drank such an awesome beverages.

after saying goodbye to Alif, me and my another friend went for a dinner.Then, I bought a new drama. Gonna find time to watch it. Lol. I bought Flower Boys Ramyun Shop. I'm waiting for Moon that Embraces the Sun to be complete. And also, SHUT UP! Flower boys. My L is in there. Weehoo. I am also waiting for Skip Beat. My hubby is in there. LOL. Then, after such a long day, finally I'm home. Back to my little hatch (oh please!). I need to wake up early this morning since I have to attend this one seminar.

Good Night everyone.



p/s: I'm gonna be a dentistry student too? I need to learn about teeth. A medical student and teeth. LOL. This is what our batch need to learn, sounds weird.


Ramiza said...

you have to study about the teeth? i have to study about the thorax and upper limb this sem! thorax not so bad. and they say that upper limb is a killer! studying like crazy like there's no social life! xs

han eba said...

OMG, must be so hard for you. You can do it! I study by block, not by part :) and yes, we have to study about teeth. they even told us, we gonna learn about penyakit gigi struktur gigi and all. and the worst is, dentist yg akan ajar kami. i just don't get it why only our batch?.

Ramiza said...

maybe your batch is the chosen one kut.. can either choose to become dentist or doctor. sort of cool but kena banyak belajar!!

han eba said...

well, when we ask like that, they said, inikan kos kedokteran -.- jadi jadi dokter la. kalau dentist lain. tah pape -.-

nurul norman said...

wahwahwahhh ~!! banyaknyaa dapat beli dvd, untunglaa~ hahahhahaa^^

eqbariah baharuden said...