Monday, March 12, 2012


hey yo people :)

so, how are you? how's your day today? well, I have something to share. Since I am android user now, so I want to share with you about this application. Well, I don't know whether other devices can use this apps or not, but I am sure , android can. You just have to download it from Android Market (now, known as Google Play) for free. The application named PicsArt.

Why do I suggest this application? Well, I don't even know how to do photoshop or even edit my photo. I don't know how to and I am very lazy to learn. LOL. so, by using this application, I can edit my picture and guess what, it turns out really well! I edited some of my pictures using their effect tool.
Maybe, it's not cool like how photoshop can do, but at least for someone like me, it's really awesome. What I have to do is just select a picture and select the effect/anything I want to. Just like that, then the picture will change :) Here are some picture that I edited using PicsArt application :)

If you want to try, just download it. Good luck



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Ramiza said...

wow.. i see that someone has updated their phone :) i'm still using my phone from matriks. not as fancy :(

han eba said...

my phone tak boleh pakai dah. everytime call, die die die. HAHAHAH. so, have to buy new phone

Ramiza said...


han eba said...

ceh -.- ask for new one la rmizaaa

nurul norman said...

jyeahh, gamba cantik =D
bestkan main edit gamba. sekarang kau pulak teraddict *eh yeke ? hahahha^^

eqbariah baharuden said...