Saturday, April 7, 2012

#39 - Marry Me, Mary

okay, this time I'm gonna review about Marry Me Mary. Well, maybe most of you have watched it. I said, maybe. So, let me review.

Marry Me Mary is a romantic drama which involved youths. I mean, a fresh love from youths. Mary (Moon Geun Young) , 24 years old, is a daughter who is very obedient and caring. She has a father who is not responsible at all. Her father is being chase by a loan shark because he didn't pay after he borrowed from them. As a result, Mary's life is very miserable because of her father. The loan shark always threat her, asking her about her father and all. But, after all, Mary still loves her father.One day, she met a guy named Moo Gyeol ( Geun Seuk) which is a musician. He is a main vocalist for an indie band. He is quite weird but he is so cool and handsome. Actually, they met because of an accident which caused by Mary.

Mary's father wanted to settle off his debt with the loan shark, but he can't find any other ways to pay the money. Suddenly, he met his old friend and that friend willing to pay his debt but with one condition, Mary needs to marry his son. Mary's dad agree and told Mary but Mary refused to. So she decided to put an act. She ran away from home and told her dad that she's married to Moo Gyeol. Actually, it's a fake marriage. Then, her father's friend decided to register his son marriage , Jung In, with Mary. But Mary continued with her act saying that he loves Moo Gyeol. And she did end up with him.

A lot of funny and cute scenes in this drama. This is because Mary is such a pure and a kind girl. She never had a boyfriend before. I love Mary's character. She is a strong girl. Different with Moo Gyeol, he is a lonely guy and always being control by his emotions. Sometimes, he can't even control his emotions and hurt Mary. But Mary still loves him. Because Moo Gyeol is her first love. Everything they did, all are so cute. Mary is such a warm girl, that's why Moo Gyeol fall for her. :)

Overall, this drama is a cute and romantic. It's suitable for youths especially musicians(?). hehe. Have fun watching ;B