Sunday, April 8, 2012

#41 - 99 Days with a Star

hey. it's drama review again. Oh SHOOT, but it's true :)

This time, I'm gonna review about Japanese drama. Well, this drama is a Japanese drama but there are Koreans in it. The main actress is a Korean. So are you ready?

The title is 99 Days with a Star. This story is about a superstar named Han Yoona ( Kim Tae Hee) who came to Japan not only for her work but to do her own mission finding someone. She is everyone's favorite girl including a Japanese top actor, who will collaborate with her in their new drama. Because she is so popular, so her manager wants her to be careful always, especially with the reporters. But, since she is having her own mission, she always ran from her hotel room and do things that she wanted to. One day, because she is very stubborn, her manager find her a bodyguard. The manager wants a bodyguard who is not Yoona's fan and also have no interest in woman. So the agency had recommended a guy named Kouhei ( Hidetoshi Nishijima ) . Kouhei ,almost 40, is a guy who is still single and work at the security guard agency . He is quite handsome but he has no interest in woman. It's not because he is a gay but he is actually too passionate over his dream to find his own star. He loves stars very much. He is also a kind uncle who always take care of her sister's children. At first, he refused to be Yoona's bodyguard, but then he agreed.

Yoona then fell in love with Kouhei but Kouhei didn't realize about Yoona's feeling towards him. Once he realized, it's still hard for them to show their love because Yoona is a superstar.

I like the actor actually, that's why I bought this drama and watched. I like Kouhei in this drama. He is such a good guy. Actually, I saw this guy in his other drama called Real Clothes. I was shock when I know his real age. Wahaha. He's old. Seriously. But I find him cute ;B Even though the ending is quite weird for me (since all Japanese drama have this kind of ending) , but I can say this drama is really worth to watch. Kim Tae Hee did a good job in this drama. She can speak Japanese so well! And not only that, I was so shocked when I know that Taecyeon from 2pm was in this drama too. So cool. Try to watch it. It's only 10 episode if I am not mistaken. Hehe.

Have fun watching and kouhei is mine. Awwww ♥



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