Friday, April 13, 2012

#43 - Skip Beat!

Well, it's me again with my review about drama. So, this time I'm gonna review about Taiwan drama title Skip Beat! I'm sure everyone is so excited to watch this drama once they announced it almost a year ago, if I'm not mistaken. Well, Super Junior members are in this drama, and they're the main actors yo! wohoo. It's Siwon and Donghae. Awwww. So, lemme review and I'm gonna tell you my opinion (: This drama is adapted from a manga called Skip Beat! -.- OF COURSEE. haha

this drama is about a girl who wanted to revenge. To whom? To her ex-boyfriend. Well, its not like they're couple, but she considered him as her boyfriend. Gong Xi (Ivy Chen) is a very kind and hardworking girl. She sacrificed her life just to support his boyfriend , Bo Pu Shang (Donghae) so he could become a successful singer. She grew up with him and his family, so she know a lot about him. Actually, Bo Pu Shang and Gong Xi ran away from home because Bo Pu Shang's parents wants him to marry a girl and inherit his family business but he refused to because he wants to achieve his dream to become a popular singer. Once Bo Pu Shang became a popular singer, he always ignore Gong Xi. His attitude toward Gong Xi also changed. Actually he has no interest in her. He's using her as his maid. GongXi work hard everyday just to support him.

One day, Gong Xi heard Bo Pu Shang talk to his manager about Gong Xi. He told his manager that Gong Xi is nothing and he's just using her. From that moment, she decided to vows revenge. Bo Pu Shang challenge her to enter entertainment circle first if she really wants to revenge because now she is just a commoner and she would never have chance to touch or do anything to him. She accepted the challenge.

Bo Pu Shang hates an actor named Dun He Lian (Siwon) because Dun He Lian is more popular than him. He wanted to be the first in entertainment industry. He Lian (Siwon) is a very strict and discipline actor. He is everyone's hero but actually he is not perfect either. Sometimes, his word can hurt people. One day, He Lian met Gong Xi. He don't like Gong Xi at first because he thought that Gong Xi only wants to be famous. But then, they become friend and know each other. Gong Xi then told him about her plan.

At the same time, Gong Xi realize that she has talent in this industry . She decided to do her best.

In this drama, I like Gong Xi's character. Eventhough her life is so hard, she still tried her best. I also like her noodle shop's boss, her CEO. They are so funny. I can't even imagine if I 'm in her shoe. It must be hard to be left by our own mother, being cheated by the love ones.

But sadly, what I can say is I am so dissapointed with this drama. Oooops. Eventhough there's Donghae in this drama, in my eyes, this drama is not so good. I wish it could be more more better. Maybe my expectation is too high but I find this drama as a boring drama. Seriously. Okay, why I said so?

They dubbed Donghae and Siwon's part. They should let them speak in Mandarin instead of Korean. I know it's hard for them, but by dubbing it, I don't feel the originality. Then, some of Gong Xi's parts are too boring. She keep on talking to herself and the same scene keep on repeating. It's like wasting time. Then, the ending is too_____. I don't know what should I say but it's too BAD. and I don't really understand the ending. Not only that, I didn't get a clear info about other characters. It's like hanging. There's too many riddle unsolved at the end of this drama. How frustrated I am. If they wanted to do a sequel, they should make the ending understandable. It's totally like hanging. I feel like I've waste my time watching. In the end, I didn't know what actually happen because it's hanging.

I've been talking about this thing on twitter together with some ELFish and also some Kpop lovers. Their opinion and mine, really matched. We want a clear ending not a hanging one. Sobs. I find Donghae's character is not strong enough to be Bo Pu Shang. He needs to improve his acting skills . He needs to become more more bad. Siwon too. Both of them need to improve their acting skill. The actress' acting skill is too good. Hoish.

I'm sorry if I hurt or offended some of this drama fans and also Siwon and Donghae's fans,but I'm telling you the truth. I'm Donghae fan too. I didn't mean to critic but I am doing a review and telling you about my opinion.

Hope you enjoy my review. Not yet watch? Try and tell me your opinion. I am just dissapointed, mostly because of the ending. Sobs.



p/s: S.O.L.O awesome yo!


nurul norman said...

ohhoooii ! tak sabarnya nak tengok cerita ni =D anime die best gila, macam mana movie yang ada sihae ni. owwooww mesti sangat best =D

han eba said...

bagus. nanti lepas tgk, bagitau pendapat kau. wahahahahaha.


nurul norman said...

ketahikan ? omoo

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