Wednesday, May 2, 2012


hey yo May!

hope everything gonna be fine. please be nice.

EXAM MONTH. oooh la la.

Infinite's comeback on 15 May, a day after my anatomy OSPE and a day before my histology OSPE.

my parents are here in Palembang. Today I spent my day alone, because I don't want to interrupt them. Last night they came to my room to see me. my lil bro didn't follow them. He has to enter some competition in Malaysia. May you success.

My mom come untuk tampal my gigi semalam. Kayss. Tomorrow gonna be a tiring day. I need to follow her to see songket and bla bla *I don't even know where -.- * Btw, got my FT Island Comic t-shirt ^^

Oh yeah, I almost ready to let her go. She is a good friend, I'm the bad one.

Sleep time.



p/s: emosi terganggu kerna nak exam. otak sudah biol.

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