Thursday, May 10, 2012


Sometimes, I do ask myself, why don't I try to be the best? Why it is so hard?

people are satisfied with what they did. but why I didn't feel anything.

sometimes I find myself stupid as _____.

yes, I did pass my first semester, but how about this sem?

I wish I can do my best, all over again.

Maybe because, I got no interest in this field.

But until when?

People should change in order to be irreplaceable.


I miss Donghae. Seriously.




Ramiza said...

i'm sure that you'll do well this sem too :) you can do this! and you're not dumb, you're actually really really smart.

han eba said...

thanks ramiza. that's why I love you

Ramiza said...

awww.. i love you too :) oh and i found this shop that sold all this kpop stuff that you always have in johor and i bought a 2pm hands up sling bag! though i actually wanted cn blue but they don't really have nice cn blue things there :( or 2am..

han eba said...

seriously? omg. is it cheap? hehehe

Ramiza said...

ok la.. rm33. and i haven't used it yet.. good luck for your practical!

han eba said...

wow. ok la the price ;D USED IT AND SHOW TO MEEE. thanks rmiza.