Friday, June 1, 2012


getting busy day by day. getting fat day by day.

Can't even say anything because I have exam every month. LOL. or every two months. There's no such thing as study week/s.

And guess what, it's June. Oh it's June. So?

Well, just hope it's gonna be a better month. Turning 20 this month, but still failed in many things and of course not mature enough.

Been thinking about marriage lately since some people keep on tweeting about it.

Can I curse? HAHAHAHA *jealousy*

Just now, I saw SUJU's Mr. Simple MV LG version in mall. I can see Hae danced handsomely and sexaaayly in that LG tv. LOL.

fish, wish to bring that tv home but was stopped by my friend. haha. well, I act like a fangirl who gone crazy. HAHA. *for fun of course*

report is waiting. gotta go. follow me on twitter , @aigoohan (official) or @dedonghae (fangirl)

Love youh bebi



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