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Middle School Student A & Puberty Medley

Middle School Student A.

Okay, let's start with Middle School Student A. Middle School Student is a new short drama (drama special) produced by KBS. Well, it's about school life, about grades, friendship and love.

Haejun (Kwak Dong Yeon) has been no. 1 in his middle school in Gangbuk, but his family moves to Daechi to go to a better high school. Eunseo ( Lee Yuleum)  has always been no. 1 in her school but Haejun takes her place as soon as he enters the new school. The students including Eunseo, Nayeon decide to shake Haejun up and try to drop his rank. Haejun develops feelings for Eunseo and gets attacked by the other students.

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Okay, Haejun is a new student. He transfer to that new school. On his first day,while running to his new school, he met Eunseo. He thought Eunseo wanted to kill herself so he helped. And since that, he is interested in her. But he never say anything to her. While Eunseo, she is known as Queen of Rudeness. She is a smart student. But actually, she doesn't like what she's doing (study hard). But because her parents want her to do well in exams for her own good, she has to do it. 

When the exam result came out, Haejun got the first place and caused others' rank dropped. And because of that, Eunseo and Nayeon start to plan something so they can make Haejun suffer (distract him from his studies). And because of that plan, something big happened between Eunseo and Haejun and caused Haejun to hate Eunseo.

Okay sampai sini je, until here. The rest you have to watch. It's worth to watch. I like this guy. He is the same guy in Puberty Medley (I will explain later). There's one scene that I like the most when he try to find her and he keep running and running and running just to make sure she's okay. Awww.

You can watch this drama on kbsw youtube channel. Go to drama special playlist.

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Puberty Medley

Puberty Medley is a special drama produced by KBS. This 4 episodes drama is quite popular among my facebook friends. This drama is funny and also nice (sweet sweet you know) to watch. Here are the synopsis

Ep.1 Synopsis:
After transferring schools seven times, Choi Jeongu (Kwak Dongyeon) learns it is easiest not to make friends nor enemies. He sticks to that practice when he transfers into Namil High School, but not for long. The guy sitting next to him, Deokwon, is overly friendly and keeps trying to become friends with him. The class president and the top student of the school, Yang Ayeong(Lee Seyeong), keeps bothering him to do chores for the class. Jeongu succeeds in remaining invisible until one fateful day, when he stands up for Deokwon against a bully, who is constantly picking on him. He mistakenly hits the Brown Bear, Yeokho, and is challenged to a duel. If Jeongu wins, Deokwon will be left alone. When Ayeong tells him to apologize to Yeokho, Jeongu gets angry and blurts out, "Go out with me." A day full of regrets, but Jeongu is not concerned, since he is transferring out in a week anyway.

Ep.2 Synopsis:
Since Jeongwu is no longer transferring out, all of his schemes went out the window. "What do I do about National Singing Contest?" " What about Brown Bear, who is out to get me?" "And... what do I do with my public girlfriend Yang Ayeong?" Jeongwu is faced with the greatest crisis of his life. Yeongbok and Wonil are itching to beat up Jeongwu, but Yeokho, who is supposed to fight him, simply smiles knowingly. Jeongwu comes to grip with the fact that he cannot escape the danger before him, and joins a boxing gym. However, he sees Yeokho there and runs away and ends up running into Ayeong at the bus stop. After a long, silent trip home, she asks him a question he cannot avoid.

Ep.3 Synopsis: 
Deokwon says a lot has changed since Jeongwu transferred in, and calls Jeongwu Namil High's hero. It's a bit embarrassing, but Jeongwu doesn't mind. But when a true hero is needed, the one who steps up is Deokwon, not Jeongwu. Jeongwu is reminded of how cowardly he really is, and becomes disappointed in himself. Meanwhile, Jeongwu hears from Wonil that something is going on between Yeokho and Ayeong. When he asked, Ayeong says coldly, "Why is that so important to you?" 

Ep.4 Synopsis: 
Jeongu faces off against Yeokho, man to man. Thanks to that, he feels closer to Ayeong. Now all that's left is to sing a cheerful song for her on National Singing Contest. He's walking on air, happy that he's shaking off his cowardly self and maturing a little. Ayeong takes him by the hand and teaches him how to ride a bike. The bike has "YW85" written on it. Ayeong says she wants Jeongu to have it, but he refuses to accept something so precious to her. But she keeps insisting. Jeongu suspects something and turns his back to her, and she musters up the courage to tell him.

(kbsw youtube channel)

This drama is perfect! Reminds me of my schooldays. You know, it's like when your friends start to date each other and that sound we made like "oooooo" Hahaha. And I like this drama OST! Omg, and the best part is, there are some idols in this drama such as  CN Blue Jonghyun and Infinite SeongYeol. Oh yeah, my biases. kekekeke. You can find this drama on kbsw youtube channel. Go to drama special playlist.

Oh forgot, my fav scenes? A LOT. There's one scene when Ayeong asked Jeongu why he dated her and suddenly Jeongu kiss her (he wore boxing gloves that time so it is called boxing gloves kiss) and said "bimil" (secret). And there's a scene when he sang for her and she followed him from behind (it's raining that time so that scene touched my heart my feeling my everything omg)

You have to watch this drama okay!

Thanks for reading. Please suggest some nice drama (short one if can) so I can watch :)


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