Thursday, November 6, 2014

9 Years With Super Junior

Super Junior, my fav boyband. To me, they are such a great entertainer, great people with superB sense of humor, derps that never fail to make me smile when I see them no matter through videos or live. I am thankful because I get to know about these derps 8 years ago. And now, I'll keep counting this annversary toogether. I never thought that they will be this important to me. I grew up with theirs dorkiness and weirdo attitudes, live with their nice personalities especially my bias, Lee Donghae.

We've been going through so many things together, as an idol-fans. I love the way oppadeul convey their love toward us, ELFs. I know so many nice people because of Super Junior. In every of their songs, I feel the love especially the one written by oppa.

Keep making great music oppadeul. We will always support you. There's no end between us, its'a always an and :) I love you Super Junior.

Happy 9th Anniversary.



AS said...

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