Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Donghae oppa for military , hiks


Well, as all of you already know, Donghae, my oppa, will leave for army, soon.
Well, of course I am a lil bit sad,as he is leaving his "idol" job for a while , leaving me who sometimes think that I struggle alone -____- you know, i always have this feeling of no one willing to be by my side/ and now he's leaving too/ how could you ? / no it's okay. it's for my oppa own good :)

I'm currently in surgery department, yeah and it is totally busy/ idk how they can live omg so busy/ pity those married residents *sobs*/ i even have no time to enjoy, no time to cherish my sad self lol/ what i did everyday is sleep, go to hospital, come back and sleep and the cycle repeats/ I lol./ I couldn't even lol -_-

Well, I rarely stalk oppa these past year, kinda busy and what i did is just.../stalked his instagram/ liked his photos/ watched his videos/ only when I have time T-T but still, i get that love feeling (lol) when I listen to sj songs/ yeah fangeol's love.

Oppa, pls take care of yourself/ be a namja, totally a namja and comeback as soon as you can/ will miss you a lot/ see me as a doctor (inshaAllah) when you comeback/ i will surely root for you/ my life already fulled of you sinceI was a teenager/ you are not someone else to me, you are my friend, my oppa, fav singer, stupid oppa, weirdo neighbor(?) lol , fav guy, love that aren't going to disappear, basically you mean a lot to me/ whatever it is, i love you and as you are leaving, pls do leave some nice messages for your fans. I will always wait for my dorky oppa to comeback.

i am not alone, we will struggle together. i will always make myself believe, your life are tougher than mine as you're going to go through those rough military things.

Oppa, I love you, please take care of yourself.

Will always think of you when it is raining, because you like rain so much.

We are not lovers, yes we are not, but to me, you are still someone special in my life. Even till now.

Oppa, do well!


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